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Tea at last, tea at last

My tea tribulations have finally cleared up. First, the store finally got back to me about the tea that they charged me $3.79 for but was omitted from my pickup order. They say they’ve given me a $4 credit on my next order. I can’t find any mention of it on their website yet, but hopefully it’ll show up when I place my next order.

Anyway, that still left me close to running out of tea bags, so I figured I might as well try to buy a big box of tea bags from Amazon again, hopefully from a different vendor. This time, it went through without a hitch, and it just arrived minutes ago. It’s a relief to know the US Postal Service is still at least somewhat functional. It turns out it’s not one big box so much as three boxes of 104 tea bags each, shrink-wrapped together. Unlike the boxes of 100 bags I usually get from the store, the bags are individually wrapped instead of in four trays of 25 bags each, which I guess is why there are a few more. It’ll create more waste, but I guess if I were really concerned about minimizing waste, I’d get loose leaf tea instead (and I probably should). Anyway, I even found room for all three boxes in my cabinet, with a little shoving around of things. At the rate I go through tea, I figure this should last me for several months, maybe half a year or more. So I’m set for a while. (Amazon actually lets you subscribe and get a new shipment every X number of months, which is worth considering.)

On the downside, the pitcher I tried to buy for iced tea was still running late, so I contacted the vendor directly through Amazon, and they said they were out of stock and cancelled my order, which I hadn’t been charged for yet. I’ll just have to buy a different pitcher, but I like to buy enough stuff at once to get free shipping, and I already made an exception for the tea, so I’m a bit reluctant to place another single order so soon. And the iced tea is less necessary now that I have my regular tea bags back in stock.

As for the iced tea, I’ve made two batches now, using my orange juice pitcher while it was empty and then storing the iced tea in an empty, washed-out juice bottle. It’s okay, but it’s pretty strong. I guess it’s meant to be diluted by a lot of ice in the chilling stage; I’m probably not adding enough. I’m working out how much sweetener and lemon juice to add through trial and error.

So anyway, now that I’ve replenished my caffeine sources, I should really get back to work.

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