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The newest entry in the eSpec Books Author Reading Series includes me reading an excerpt from the prologue to ARACHNE’S EXILE (beware spoilers for ARACHNE’S CRIME).

eSpec Books

Do we have a treat for you this week! Two of our readings are sneak peeks at upcoming books! The third is about biker faeries! How could you go wrong? We hope you’ll enjoy them all. If you are interested in the books, they can be purchased via the links provided.

If you are an author and would like to participate in one of these series, please visit the eSpec Books Author Reading Series Facebook page for details.

The eSpec Books Author Reading Series

Christopher L. Bennett reading an excerpt of his upcoming novel, Arachne’s Exile.

What a Tangled Web…

When the colony starship Arachne unwittingly destroyed a deep-space habitat of the Chirrn, her crew committed themselves to a lifetime of penance to repay their debt. But a brutal act of vengeance has now forced them into exile in a distant part of the galaxy.

Drawn into a cosmic…

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