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New(ish) Troubleshooter story now up on Patreon!

I’ve got something fun for my Patreon Fiction tier subscribers this month. Chapter 4 of my 2012 novel Only Superhuman begins in medias res during an adventure on Pellucidar, an amusement-park habitat run amok. That scene was inspired by an earlier comic book spec script I’d written for Emerald Blair in 1996, when I hoped to do a comics spinoff to the intended novel series. Though the two versions were very different, I’ve salvaged what moments I could from the comic to create an expanded account of the canonical Pellucidar adventure from the novel, a 7000-word short story called “The Baseless Fabric of This Vision.”

But that’s not all — the story is illustrated! I actually did a full set of thumbnail sketches for the comic script around 1998 or so. They’re somewhat more detailed than normal for comics thumbnails, since I got carried away drawing them. They’re still fairly crude, but there are a few bits I’m fond of, and doing this story for Patreon was a way I could finally show them off. (Apologies for the empty boxes Patreon is displaying above and below the images for some reason. None of the ten illustrations are missing, at least not in my page view.)

As usual, there are annotations available at the Behind the Scenes tier as well.

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