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Announcing TANGENT KNIGHTS 3: GEMINI ASCENDANT! (Updated with cover art)

GraphicAudio has posted the blurb for the concluding volume of my original audio drama trilogy Tangent Knights.


In a world where communication with parallel tangent Earths, known as “realms”, has brought a disruptive influx of new beliefs and scientific innovation, college-student and fangirl Corazon Kagami continues to discover astonishing new facets to the abilities she’s unexpectedly acquired in the accident that transformed her into Tangent Knight Caprice, the foremost of a growing ensemble of armored super-warriors very much like the heroes and villains of her favorite tokusatsu shows.

After a very personal betrayal, Malika Ramos, AKA Tangent Knight Gemini, finds herself captive of a powerful agency that polices the multiverse for inter-realm threats. They intend to use her as the means to lethally put down what they see as a threat disturbingly similar to the one that all but wiped out the highly advanced civilization of the Cefal. The menace at hand is Malika’s teammate Cory Kagami, Tangent Knight Caprice. And many of Cory’s comrades-in-arms have begun to suspect the danger is real.

Caprice’s ever-evolving, ever more godlike powers have triggered an intervention that will pit warrior against warrior, as Caprice refuses to turn away from a destiny that may save her tragically damaged family, or lead to horrific multi-versal catastrophe.

Gemini Ascendant will be released as a digital download on November 14, and on MP-3 CD in mid-December. I’m glad the wait for Book 3 will be so much shorter than the wait for Book 2. As you can tell from the blurb, the story escalates to a truly cosmic level this time, and the personal drama and moral and philosophical conflicts reach new heights as well. Plus, as befits a tokusatsu series, there are cool new armors with amazing new powers! I’m really proud of how it turned out, and I really hope it sells well enough that I get to do a second trilogy.

You can pre-order Gemini Ascendant at the above link, and read my non-spoiler notes on my Tangent Knights page here. Cover art and more ordering links will be updated as they become available.

  1. Mua
    October 24, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    This is excellent news. I’ve really been enjoying this series. I can’t wait to hear where this story goes especially after the cliffhanger of the last one.

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