Today’s the day! Tangent Knights 3: Gemini Ascendant, the epic conclusion to my tokusatsu-inspired full-cast audio drama trilogy from Graphic Audio, is now on sale as a download (with MP3 CD release to follow in mid-December).


At the moment, it’s exclusively available at the above link, but it will soon become available at other audiobook sites such as Audible and Google Play. I’ll update links on my Tangent Knights page when the time comes. And I’ll update the page with annotations once I get a chance to listen to it myself and add the time codes.

Meanwhile, here’s a larger version of the nifty cover art from Amelia Grace Buff, which is my favorite of the three covers (click to enlarge):

Tangent Knights 3 Gemini Ascendant

I’m really happy that the complete trilogy is finally out. Tangent Knights is my first novel-length trilogy. The three Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations novellas were written as a trilogy, as were the three Hub stories collected in Crimes of the Hub. A couple of my Star Trek novel series have run longer than three books, but they were never commissioned more than two at a time. And I intend to add a third book to the Arachne duology if I can ever find the time. But Tangent Knights is the first time I conceived a complete trilogy of full-length works, wrote them nearly back-to-back, and saw the entire thing published fairly close together (about 15 months). It’s a milestone achievement in my career.

Although, since the three audio novels run about 7 hours each, that’s comparable to a full year’s worth of 24-minute episodes of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai. So you can see it as a complete trilogy, or as a complete “season” of a tokusatsu series.

Naturally, I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to do a second Tangent Knights trilogy/”season,” and I already have a premise in mind. But whether GraphicAudio asks for more depends on how well the first trilogy sells. So if you haven’t tried out Tangent Knights already, I hope you’ll give it a shot. Even people who aren’t fans of tokusatsu will find plenty of my usual hard science fiction concepts, worldbuilding, and humor, and I feel I’ve rarely if ever written anything with such potent and compelling character drama, or such cosmic scope. I’m really proud of this series, and the folks at GraphicAudio are great to work with. So I’d really love the chance to continue expanding the Tangent Knights multiverse.

Phase in!

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