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This index links to all the original fiction and related content on my Patreon page, including the $10/month Fiction tier and the $12/month Behind the Scenes tier, as well as artwork and supplementary material at the $1 and free levels. Patreon supporters help provide me with a small but steady income, which is valuable to me given the irregular nature of my writing work.

Arachne/Troubleshooter Universe

Fiction (ordered chronologically):

“Origin Stories: Homecoming”: A character vignette taking place midway through Chapter 14 of Only Superhuman and elaborating on Emerald Blair’s decision to enlist in the Troubleshooter Corps.

“They Also Serve”: A character vignette taking place just before Only Superhuman, focusing on Emerald Blair’s mentor Arkady Nazarbayev.

“The Baseless Fabric of This Vision”: A full account of the adventure whose climax opened Ch. 4 of Only Superhuman, illustrated with some of my thumbnail sketches from the spec comic book script I adapted it from.

“Conventional Powers”: Reprinting a tale of Emerald Blair (the Green Blaze) originally published in Analog. Visit a superhero convention… in a world of actual superheroes!

“Legacy Hero”: An original sequel to “Conventional Powers.” When the newest Troubleshooter inherits the mantle of the Corps’s greatest detective, she and the Green Blaze must try to crack her last unsolved case.

“Comfort Zones”: A prequel story to Arachne’s Crime and Arachne’s Exile. Formerly a Kickstarter exclusive.

“Nilly’s Choice”: A character vignette revealing the backstory of the young Chirrn R’nilinnath from Arachne’s Crime/Arachne’s Exile, including her perspective on the events of the first half of Arachne’s Crime.

Arachne’s Crime Chapter 1: A preview of the novel from eSpec Books.

Deleted Scenes

Arachne Meets the Hub?: A scene from an early draft of Arachne’s Crime/Exile featuring the first appearance of a character later recycled for my Hub stories.

Excerpt from TROUBLESHOOTER (1999 draft): The opening of my abortive first attempt at an Emerald Blair novel.

General ATU background notes:

Troubleshooters: Solsys Geography Index: Expanded/updated from Only Superhuman.

Worldbuilding Notes: Life in the Galaxy (Part 1): Focusing on the evolution and distribution of life.

Worldbuilding Notes: Life in the Galaxy (Part 2): Focusing on galactic history and institutions.

Other Fiction

“The Cat Who Chased Her Tail Through Time”: The first story I ever tried to sell, written in 1991. A hard-science fantasy about a cosmic adventure of my family cats.

“The Moving Finger Writes”: A time traveler, weary from years of failed efforts to alter the past, finally tracks down the ancient creators of the time-travel network and demands answers. But has his own fate already been written?

“Growth Industry”: A Power Rangers/Super Sentai pastiche poking affectionate fun at certain awkward questions of logic and tactics raised by the franchise.

“Abductive Reasoning”: FREE reprint of the 2017 Analog story. A humorous tale of a first contact between a UFO believer and a real alien, which doesn’t go at all the way either one expects.

“Vein Glory”: Vampires have taken over the world! But… maybe that’s not a bad thing? Formerly a Kickstarter exclusive.

“Safe Hex”: A short rumination on being careful what you wish for — literally.

“The Melody Lingers”: Reprinting my first professionally published fantasy story, originally appearing in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine.

“The Science of Sacrifice”: A never-before-published story set in the same fantasy universe as “The Melody Lingers,” exploring more of its species.

“The Monsters We Make”: An all-new story approaching the giant monster genre from a hard science fiction perspective.

“What Slender Threads”: An all-new story offering a new twist on the idea of parallel universes, a conceptual cousin to my Tangent Knights audio drama series.

“You Have Arrived at Your Predestination”: An all-new time travel story in which an immutable past might not be as safe to meddle with as it seems.

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