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WILD CYBERS: Shore Leave premiere confirmed

The Shore Leave convention’s website has posted an update for the Meet the Pros mass author signing event at this year’s convention, and Among the Wild Cybers is listed as one of seven new books premiering at the event:

Looks like six of the seven are anthologies/collections, so I’m in good company.

Meet the Pros will be at 10 PM on Friday, July 6, the first night of the convention. I hope I’ll be signing a lot of books this year!


WILD CYBERS: Kickstarter has ended

Well, my first Kickstarter has now ended. By yesterday morning, we’d succeeded in unlocking the fourth stretch goal, David Sherman’s novel Issue in Doubt, just over a day after unlocking the third. That gave me hope that in the final day, we’d make it to the fifth stretch goal level of $2400 and unlock a Bud Sparhawk short story as an additional bonus for our pledgers.

But we missed it by that much. The final tally of the Epic Science Fiction Adventures campaign is $2,383 from 87 backers. We could’ve made it to the fifth goal with just one more backer. Ah, well. Nonetheless, just short of $2400 is a pretty good haul for a campaign whose baseline funding goal was $800. We very nearly tripled that, which is a promising sign for the public’s interest in the books. Although it’s interesting how much of that activity was in the last 3 days of the month-long campaign. At times when the pledges were lagging, sometimes going for days without movement, I hoped that maybe people were just holding off until the end for whatever reason. I didn’t expect to be right about that, though, not to this extent. We ended up making considerably more than I would’ve anticipated just a few days ago.

So I’m very grateful to all the Kickstarter backers for their help in funding Among the Wild Cybers: Tales Beyond the Superhuman, and Bud Sparhawk’s new novel Shattered Dreams as well. I hope all 87 of you enjoy the books, and the digital stories and other goodies that you’ve earned as rewards. Thank you all.

WILD CYBERS: Third stretch goal met! Two days left!

And that’s three! The Epic Science Fiction Adventures Kickstarter campaign has just surpassed $1800 in pledges, unlocking the third stretch goal. Backers at $5 and up will now get a digital copy of Danielle Ackley-McPhail’s story “Forest of a Thousand Lost Souls” in addition to my “Abductive Reasoning” and Robert Waters’s “Los Gatos,” along with Among the Wild Cybers, Shattered Dreams, and whatever other goodies come at their pledge levels.

As of this writing, there are now fewer than 55 hours left in the campaign, which ends at 10:14 PM EDT on May 30, 2018. If we can somehow manage to get another $300 in pledges by that time, reaching the $2100 level, it will unlock a digital copy of a whole novel, Issue in Doubt by David Sherman. It seems like a lot, but we got over $200 pledged overnight after the second goal was unlocked, so maybe we can make it. But time is running out!

Things are starting to look up

I can’t believe it’s only been three and a half weeks since I put out my desperate plea for donations and was worried whether I’d be able to pay my rent for the month. My fortunes have finally begun to improve since then. The generous donations I received from you, my readers, helped a lot, but in addition, just today I finally got approvals for a couple more Star Trek Adventures role-playing game campaigns I wrote a little while back. And since Modiphius pays very promptly, I should see the money in the bank within a matter of days, which means I should be able to pay my remaining bills for the month on time, and be in a fairly good position for next month.

I’ve even decided to keep my bicycle after all. Now that my situation’s a bit less desperate, I figure the limited amount of money I could get for it wouldn’t be worth the sacrifice. (I’m lucky, then, that nobody was willing to meet my offered price.) I could still stand to make more money if I can, but I feel I have other options now, ones that wouldn’t require giving up so much. And now that I’ve come close to losing my bike, I’m not taking it so much for granted, and I’m starting to feel I should try to get more use out of it again. I could definitely use the exercise.

Meanwhile, I’ve now mailed off all the autographed books that some of you ordered from me the other week. Sorry it took so long, but you should all get your books soon-ish. Of course, I’m always willing to sell more.

Also, there’s still the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Among the Wild Cybers, now with just 5 days to go and just $77 short of unlocking its third stretch goal. At this point, it looks like the advance I’ll be getting from it will be fairly modest, but who knows? The other day, the pledge tally jumped by over $200 literally overnight, though it’s only gained another dollar in the 2 days since. So it’s impossible to say where it’ll end up at this point. I’m hoping that a lot of people save their pledges for the last day or two of a campaign. But there’s not a lot of time left, folks, plus there are several pledge bonuses that are available only in limited quantities, including hardcover and audiobook copies of Only Superhuman. So if anyone’s been holding off for whatever reason, I recommend acting fast.

As for my situation beyond June… well, as I mentioned the other day, I’ve gotten some promising news on that front, but it’s nothing I can talk about yet. Things might still be financially tight for me a little while longer, depending on how long it takes for things to play out. But I’m now more confident that I’ll be able to make it through, barring emergencies. Although I also have to work pretty fast on a few projects over the next several weeks, and I should probably get back to work on the most urgent one. Still, that’s a better feeling than the borderline panic of just a few short weeks ago. It’s been a very eventful time since then, and it’s only the beginning. And I’m really grateful to my fans for your help in getting me through the roughest patch.

WILD CYBERS: Second stretch goal met! “Abductive Reasoning” is unlocked!

We did it! The Epic Science Fiction Adventures campaign has just surpassed its $1500 stretch goal, which means that all Kickstarter backers at $5 and above will get an electronic copy (DRM-free) of my short story “Abductive Reasoning” along with Among the Wild Cybers, Bud Sparhawk’s Shattered Dreams, and whatever other goodies they’ve pledged for. Another short story by Robert Waters, “Los Gatos,” had previously been unlocked.

Note that we’ve dialed back our goals a bit, since there’s only a shade over a week left in the campaign. Before, the interval between successive stretch goals was $500, but now it’s been dropped to $300. That means that if we can get the pledges up to $1800, backers at $5-up will receive a digital copy of Danielle Ackley-McPhail’s short story “Forest of a Thousand Lost Souls” in addition to “Los Gatos” and “Abductive Reasoning.” If we can get up to $2100 in the week remaining, the next bonus is a full novel, David Sherman’s Issue in Doubt. And there are four more short stories to unlock up to $3300.

Can we make it to any more stretch goals in the 8 days remaining? Remember, folks, the more you pledge, the higher the monetary advances Bud Sparhawk and I get for our books, and the more benefits you and all your fellow backers receive in return.

“Hubpoint of No Return” annotations now available

Analog May/June 2018 coverSorry I’ve been late putting up the annotations for “Hubpoint of No Return.” I had them written some time ago (I try to make a habit of doing annotations at the same time I proofread the galley pages, since I sometimes notice things that need fixing in the process), but I couldn’t post them until I saw the finished issue and could get the right page numbers. Unfortunately, my author copies apparently got lost in the mail, and I didn’t get replacements until this afternoon.

Anyway, the annotations page (with full spoilers) is here:

“Hubpoint of No Return” Annotations

Looking through the contents page of the May/June Analog, I see I’ve got the only novelette-length story in the issue — the rest is a serial conclusion, a novella, and a bunch of short stories. That’s unusual. Anyway, looks like I’ve got a bunch of stories to read now.

Yes, I’m going to Shore Leave this year

My second piece of writing news today: I can now confirm that I will be attending Shore Leave in Hunt Valley, Maryland as usual this year. The SF/fantasy convention will be held from July 6-8, 2018 at its usual venue, which is under new ownership yet again and is now called Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley.

The plan is to debut Among the Wild Cybers at the convention, a process I’ll talk more about once I figure out just what it entails. This will be the first time I’ve debuted an original book at Shore Leave. I’m hoping there will be print copies of Hub Space available as well, but I’m not certain yet.

Hub Space cover

Oh, and there’ll be some actor guy named Shatner there too. I think I’ve seen him in one or two things…